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In-App Help Buttons

Help is just a click away. Every screen in the PS/Ship system has a help button (in the shape of a ‘?’ icon) that can provide further explanations for what you’re seeing and best practices for the tool. The help buttons are contextual to the screen you’re on, giving you the information you need when you need it.

End User Materials

Our time-tested training materials get you started on the right foot when you begin using any PS/Ship tool. From implementation and user guides to FAQs, we make sure your training department is ready to teach employees how to make the most of PS/Ship

Training PS/Experts

You know your business best, and we want PS/Ship to complement how you work. We can provide advanced PS/Ship training to your management team to make them PS/Experts. With their knowledge of our system and your business’ best practices, a PS/Expert is the best place to start for questions.