You’ve got better things to do than manage shipping

PS/Ship makes shipping, carrier invoice processing, and inbound package tracking faster, easier, and less expensive.

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Shipping management software for the modern workplace.

  • Give employees the power to make better shipping decisions with easy-to-use self-service tools.
  • Maximize productivity throughout the shipping process by integrating with your network security, finance, CRM, and HRIS systems.
  • Modernize an arcane workflow by eliminating the need for the management of stand-alone shipping, package tracking systems, and manual invoice reconciliation.
  • Provide accountability for shipments and shipping expenses across your organization.

Our team used to stand in line waiting to process incoming packages before they could be delivered. Now, they “scan and go,” and we have instant visibility into the status of every package and who is doing the work.

Mail Operations Supervisor for a Fortune 100 Company

We saved three full-time equivalents reconciling 70,000+ transactions a year using PS/Invoice, and we increased the accuracy of our cost allocation in the process.

Global Director of Operations for a 5,000 person professional service firm

“We used to have thousands of shipping accounts servicing our nearly 400 locations. Now we have full accountability with a fraction of the accounts, and less than half the staff previously needed to manage the process.“

Director of Purchasing, Fortune 500 Company