Printing Labels to a Remote Address

As many of us are now working from home, we wanted to provide some helpful pointers on how to get shipments returned to a remote (residential) address.

We hope that this post finds you healthy, safe, and if you’re working from home, adjusting well to your new work environment. 

Many of our customers are finding themselves, for the first time, needing to generate return labels to their home (or other remote work location) instead of their company’s office.

Here are two such commonly encountered scenarios, and the simple steps to take to have a shipment returned to your remote work location.

Please note that neither of these options use the Return Label feature, because the default return address would be your office, as opposed to your residence. And, please be aware that having items returned to a residence can result in a less secure handling protocol, and items potentially being left unattended or not delivered as requested (with a notice of attempted delivery placed on your door).


  1. You need someone to send you documents via FedEx or UPS. This can be accomplished by creating a shipping label addressed to yourself (the “from” address is not important), saving to to PDF and then e-mailing it to your client.
  2. You’re shipping a document that requires a signature, and need it returned via FedEx or UPS to your home.  You may create and physically print a second label (addressed to yourself) and include it with your initial outbound shipment.  

In both cases, you’ll enter your address as the “To” address in PS/Ship:

For a full Quick Reference Guide on these scenarios, please contact us at or (510) 559-7200.

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