Finance Team: Let PS/Ship Help You

With a name like PS/Ship, we’re often thought of as a mailroom app, but as a member of the finance team, our products are actually all about you.

What Can PS/Ship do for You?

PS/Ship takes the broken, often manual, process of retrieving, reviewing, reconciling, and reporting on carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL) invoices and transforms it into a workflow for the modern, remote-first work environment of today.

Please see an overview of some of the latest features we’ve released in support of making your job easier, your department more efficient, and your business more profitable.

PS/Invoice – It’s All About You!

Invoice Dashboard:

Timely invoice review is a critical component of cost recovery and profitability analysis

Our Spend Management Dashboard displays the current status of all carrier invoices across your enterprise, ensuring invoices are processed, billed, and paid in a timely manner

Automated Invoice Review:

PS/Invoice validates every shipment as invoices are imported so your team only has to look at the exceptions. And, PS/Ship requires a valid matter to create a shipping label, so the exceptions are few and far between!

Imaging Receipts:

Automatically generate individualized images for each shipping transaction formatted for import to your imaging system and linked to the transaction in your billing system

Generate 100’s of receipts in seconds, eliminating the need for manual invoice redaction and invoice creation

Required Non-Billable Note:

Tired of asking why someone used a non-billable matter? Let us do it for you. In PS/Ship, you can require a note for all non-billable matters, and we’ll display it in line with the transaction when the invoice is received. Pro-tip: asking for a reason up front usually causes the user to make a better choice 🙂

If any of these features grab your attention, please contact us at We’re always happy to speak with you about how we can help.

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