Case Study: Voice Proof of Delivery

Voice Proof of Delivery is just another reason for this national telecommunications company to depend on PS/Receiver at all stages of its internal package routing and delivery process.

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, this company’s* headquarters is home to roughly 5,000 employees spread across a sprawling campus that receives tens of thousands of shipments each year. From small parcel express shipments and local couriers, to internally tracked movements, packages constantly roll in to the main receiving area. It’s up to the facilities team to ensure those parcels make it to where they need to be, when they need to be there. “While already a challenging ask, the ongoing pandemic has only added additional logistical requirements and safety concerns,” says the company’s internal client relations manager. “Fortunately, the PS/Receiver team was able to provide new functionality, allowing the mailroom to adapt quickly during these unprecedented times.”

New Feature Puts Safety First

While PS/Receiver already integrated with our Smart Lockers for hot desking staff, the New Voice Proof of Delivery feature now allows recipients to accept deliveries using their voice or a photo instead of their physical signature, enabling the facilities team to adhere to new social-distancing protocols while still capturing important proof of delivery detail for every shipment. Once captured, photo or voice recordings can be accessed to demonstrate a complete chain of custody for a shipment, if needed.

It’s helped make sure that employees are safe,” the manager says. “Not just employees in the mailroom, but employees throughout the whole company. Any time I’m asked, ‘what is your team doing to ensure safety during the pandemic?’, this is one of the biggest points I bring up. It goes a long way to show that we’re doing our best.”

PS/Receiver’s response to this new requirement really helped our team,” the manager says. “And it’s in a time when people really need help, and shows the flexibility that PS/Receiver is able to provide.”

PS/Receiver helped this company streamline its processes.

Before PS/Receiver, the Team Spent Countless Hours on Mind-Numbing Tasks

In the past, the biggest problem we had was making sure we could report everything in a timely fashion,” the manager says. The mailroom not only facilitates the internal delivery process, but is also responsible for retaining records of when packages were received, who signed for them and where they were delivered/routed within the massive campus.

Prior to PS/Receiver, the mailroom team had to manually update hundreds of employee locations every few days. With thousands of employees, there are always moving pieces — with people regularly moving between desks or to another building — and it fell to the mailroom to keep an accurate seating chart.

Additionally, the mailroom didn’t have easy access to historical data, including how often the company was receiving packages from a specific vendor or the number of packages received in a given month, which could’ve helped plan accordingly for future peaks in volume and staffing needs.

Messy Processes Replaced by Efficiency and Improved Morale

Two years ago, the company implemented PS/Receiver and everything changed.

A lot of our previous pain points revolved around the time it took to do something,” the manager says. “PS/Receiver really cleaned that up for us — it got rid of the busywork and streamlined our processes.”

PS/Receiver’s integration with the company’s HRIS software facilitates automatic updates to the master seating chart every evening, saving the mailroom countless hours of manual reconciliation. “Deep integration with our systems makes PS/Receiver easier to use, and more useful,” the manager says. “Staff members are automatically logged in via Single Sign-on and the information provided is up to date and reliable.” PS/Receiver also offers the ability to print a delivery label for shipments that arrive without one, both from the desktop or from a mobile device. For example, say an employee receives flowers that didn’t have a tracking number when they arrived. Using PS/Receiver, the mailroom can print a label and use it to record the delivery. “In the past, that was all done via email and if someone wanted tracking information on a delivery without a label, we’d have to dig through old emails,” the manager says.

PS/Receiver’s Intuitive Dashboard Makes Things Easier

“The system we used beforehand could pull data, but it was very general and you had to do a lot of manual calculations to get the numbers you were looking for,” the manager says. “But with PS/Receiver, you’re able to pull exact data.”

PS/Receiver enables my team to do more for the company,” the manager says. “The atmosphere of the team itself is not as tense because we have the ability to get things done in the appropriate amount of time without feeling stressed. People used to ask us to help with various things, but we just wouldn’t have time. Now we can be the people who say, ‘we can definitely help with that.’”

*The firm wishes to remain anonymous to protects its privacy.

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