Your Shipping is as Important to Us as it is to You.

Thank you for being a PS|Ship client (or for checking out our site if you aren't)!  To back up our best-in-market applications we strive to provide top-of-the-line client support everyday.

Ways We Support Our Clients

In App Help Buttons. 
We've designed PS|Ship to be intuitive and easy-to-use.  But, just in case things aren't as clear as we intended, we added help buttons to every screen, of every app.  If something isn't adding up, or you want a little more detail, just like on the "?" icon and we'll be there to give further explanation and "best practices" for moving forward.

End User Materials.
A key part of our new client kick-off process is delivery of our time-tested training materials.  From implementation tips, end user guides, and FAQ's, we make sure your training department is ready to empower your end users to begin saving time and money with PS|Ship.

Within each of our clients we invest our time in developing a PS|Expert.  Your PS|Expert serves as a guide to success with PS|Ship within your firm.  Our support team is well versed in the various functions of professional service firms, but they'll never know your business the way you do... and knowing your business and PS|Ship makes your PS|Expert the best place to start if you're an end user with questions.  Want to be a PS|Expert?  Just ask us how.


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