PS|Ship creates shipping labels.

PS|Ship is a web-based application used to create shipping labels.  PS|Ship allows your end users to create shipping labels from within your existing CRM system (Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, etc.).  PS|Ship is capable of shipping via all the major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL), countless local couriers (think: bike messenger), and the USPS for Certified mail, guaranteeing that your employees can ship packages across town or around the world.

Pay the Bills.

PS|Ship links to most major accounting systems, providing end users with all viable billing information, ensuring they properly allocate shipping charges.

Stay Connected.
PS|Ship works for you, updating you as to where your package is and when it will be arriving.  You also have the ability to keep your recipient, and your boss up to date on the shipment's progress.

Stay in Control.
Sometimes shipping the package isn’t the last step --- PS|Ship includes popular carrier options like “return labels,” and signature options to ensure your package is delivered and returned to your exact specifications.

Ship it Again, Sam.
Professional Service Firms tend to have repeat business, and repeat shipments.  PS|Ship remembers the last time you shipped to Sam, and pre-configures your next shipment to him for you, we call it 3-Click-Shipping.


Track Packages.
Your complete shipping history is stored in PS|Ship, making tracking a package a click away… forgetting a tracking number is no longer a big deal.

Make the “Right” Choice.
PS|Ship will include and display all your shipping partners, and all of their respective service options for your package… you take all the information and pick the “best,”… cheapest, quickest, slowest, securest… the “best.”

Make the Most of Pouch Shipping.
Shipping to a co-worker?  If your firm has an internal delivery network (aka “Pouch shipments”) PS|Ship can display it right alongside the other carriers, saving time and money by leveraging existing deliveries.


PS|Ship - A quick look at the benefits of PS|Ship. (printer friendly)