Contactless Package Delivery!

PS/Receiver now addresses social distancing requirements during the package delivery process, while still maintaining a full chain of custody and accurate proof of delivery. Our patent pending Voice Proof of Delivery feature is now available. Faster. Easier. Safer.

Introducing our new Voice Proof of Delivery feature for PS/Receiver, allowing your recipients to accept delivery of packages using their voice instead of their signature.

See our Voice Proof of Delivery feature in action by clicking here: VPOD Video, and read below for how it came to be.

PS/Receiver’s voice proof of delivery fit perfectly into our safely-return-to-the-office planning.  We’re looking for ways to eliminate as many touch points as possible to keep our staff safe.

– Ed Aguero, CFO, Cole, Scott & Kissane P.A.

Planning for a safe return to the office has been a top priority for everyone and high on our customers’ priority list during our check-in calls.

Through these conversations we identified a problem with the existing standard operating procedure: employees signing for delivery of packages.

Signing requires touching a shared mobile device and proximity between employees:  neither of which fit the bill in a workplace looking to reduce the number of interactions and close encounters.

So, we went to work.  The easiest solution was to forgo capturing proof of delivery, but our customers told us that was not an option as their respective customers and internal policies require a chain-of-custody to ensure no critical or sensitive deliveries go unaccounted for.

While looking for other methods of authorization we quickly zeroed in on something as unique to a person as their signature, their voice!

Realizing we could clearly record audio from six feet away, we built Voice Proof of Delivery (VPOD) to allow recipients to accept delivery of packages using their voice instead of their signature, for a truly contactless, accountable, delivery.

Our customers and their employees are loving this new method of capturing proof of delivery, and we’d love to speak with you about it.

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Sincerely, Nick Adams CEO

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