PS/Ship Product Datasheet

A self-serve, unified shipping solution that saves money and time.

What if employees could easily manage anything leaving their desktop and be guided to use the appropriate service without having to call the mailroom? Imagine if every shipment created had pre-verified billing information that included a departmental or project code? Imagine if you didn’t have to manage user access to shipping or shipping accounts? This would make shipping a piece of cake for end users, the mailroom and your finance team. You’re not dreaming — this is a reality with PS/Ship.

PS/Ship makes it simple for your employees to ship whether working in the office or remotely. Users can create labels directly using Microsoft Outlook, other business systems or a browser. They’re prompted to provide valid billing information and select the best shipping options, resulting in labor savings throughout the process, more accurate cost allocation and reduced freight costs.

PS/Ship integrates with existing financial and HRIS systems, ensuring that up-to-date billing and internal company information is used. It leverages network security for user authentication and access via Single Sign-on (SSO), eliminating user account management and unauthorized use.

By using PS/Ship to ship and track anything that leaves the desktop, you’ll reduce time-consuming manual tasks, make the best shipping decisions and improve your bottom line.

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