PS/Receiver Product Datasheet

Package delivery shouldn't be time consuming or messy. Safely receive and route packages across your enterprise.

Receiving and keeping track of inbound packages is a juggling act. Mailrooms need to contend with large and unpredictable spikes in volume, packages need to reach employees who are constantly on the move, and now safely delivering packages presents its own challenges.

PS/Receiver provides your firm with efficient package receiving and safe re-routing or delivery for all inbound and internal shipments. It gives users the option to obtain Touchless Proof of Delivery through a voice recording, photo or locker delivery, ensuring a full chain of custody while keeping your staff safe.

PS/Receiver’s dashboard provides the mailroom with visibility and control over up-to-date, real-time package statuses. It also enhances mailroom performance with service level agreement (SLA) tracking, routing instructions, off-line operation capabilities and robust reporting.

This web-based application, with accompanying mobile apps, provides a uniform enterprise solution that is easy to deploy, support and use.

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