PS/Invoice Product Datasheet

Paying your vendors shouldn't be painful. Automate the retrieval, cost allocation and payment of shipping invoices.

Are you tired of spending countless hours processing invoices from multiple carriers? Reconciling and allocating these costs is challenging and frustrating, wasting hundreds of hours per year and resulting in poor cost allocation and recovery.

PS/Invoice is the centralized shipping invoice processing system you’ve been waiting for. It automatically collects invoices from all carriers in a standard format, making invoice processing quicker and easier.

Tight integration with your financial system allows costs to be pre-validated as they’re received, meaning your team only has to focus on the exceptions. An intuitive dashboard provides real-time invoice statuses across the enterprise, helping to spot fraud and avoid late fees and delayed billings.

 You’ll have access to robust historical data, allowing your organization to budget future workload and expenses, and comply with data governance policies and audit requirements related to shipping.

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