Shipping management software for the modern workplace.

PS/Ship empowers employees to make better shipping decisions and enforces accountability for shipping expenses across your organization.

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Make accountable shipping easy for employees, procurement, and finance.

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  • Ship and manage packages directly from the desktop - whether working in the office or remotely.
  • Integrate your shipping process with your network security, finance, CRM and HRIS systems for maximum efficiency and simplified administration.
  • Save money by giving employees the information they need to make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary (and expensive) shipping options.
  • Gain control of your shipping spend by requiring valid billing information as a part of the shipping process and streamline cost allocation and recovery on the backend.

VIDEO: PS/Ship in Action - Easily ship and manage packages from the desktop with labels that include pre-verified billing information.

A better shipping process: PS/Ship helps employees get shipping right without needing to be an expert

Ship from existing contacts.

PS/Ship integrates with your CRM system, allowing employees to ship from existing contacts without retyping addresses into a carrier’s website.

Make informed shipping decisions.

PS/Ship combines all your shipping options into one tool, allowing users to know what’s possible and gain awareness of preferred choices.

Follow your packages through to delivery.

PS/Ship allows employees to stay in touch with their shipments through to delivery, and be pro-actively notified of exceptions along the way.

Make it easier next time.

PS/Ship takes note of the shipping options used for each contact and pre-populates label creation for future shipments.

From desktop to delivery: Accountability and insight
at every stage of the shipping process.

See how this Fortune 500 company solved its shipping challenges with PS/Ship

  • Eliminate shipping account management and user access management
  • Ensure costs are allocated to the correct cost centers for every shipment
  • Streamline back-office processing for invoices
  • Use pre-verified addresses to ensure packages get delivered and avoid change fees

“We used to have thousands of shipping accounts servicing our nearly 400 locations. Now we have full accountability with a fraction of the accounts, and less than half the staff previously needed to manage the process.“

Director of Purchasing, Fortune 500 Company

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