Don’t Budget for PS/Ship…Let it pay for itself

It may sound counterintuitive, but it's true: PS/Ship will pay for itself.

Recently, I was speaking with a director at a large law firm evaluating our software to automate their outbound shipping and shipping invoice reconciliation process. She said that the firm was budgeting for PS/Ship and she would get back to me once the budget was finalized. I said “PS/Ship shouldn’t be a ‘budget’ item. If PS/Ship doesn’t generate savings, don’t use the system, and don’t pay for it. It’s that simple.”

Our software won’t cost you anything – in fact, we’re so confident that PS/Ship will increase profitability by improving cost recovery, reducing shipping spend and eliminating the mind-numbing labor required to support the process, that we make you this guarantee: you can cancel our agreement at any time if we’re not saving you both time and money.

Sound too good to be true? Let me present some facts so you can make an informed decision:

  • A nominal 5% increase in cost recovery will more than pay for our service; our customers typically realize increases of 10% or more through better up-front billing validation and much faster processing of shipping fees (we all know that delayed billing of expenses leads to a dramatic increase in write-offs).
  • We’ll save you and your clients money on shipping as well. Did you know that up to 20% of your shipping costs are unnecessary assessorial fees? Signature requests ($5 to $6 per shipment), address corrections ($18 per shipment), First Overnight or Early AM Delivery services (2x to 3x the normal shipping cost) all add up. PS/Ship will automatically catch bad addresses, remind users when unnecessary signatures are requested, and prompt the use of more cost-effective services. These features will help eliminate most of these costs, saving 5% to 10% on your own non-billable shipments.
  • The increase in cost recovery and freight savings are only the tip of the iceberg.  The real savings are in labor: do more with less. The shipping workflow is riddled with inefficiencies starting at the desktop where shipping labels are created, continuing through the mailroom where shipping accounts and users must be manually managed, and ultimately ending in finance where re-billing these costs, providing billing back-up, and paying the vendors is done. This is tedious, mind numbing, uninteresting work. PS/Ship has automated this workflow for over 2/3’s of the Am Law 200 (in addition to many others), saving at least 1 FTE in the process by allowing staff to do more important, productive work.
  • And finally, there’s late fees (6%) and theft. By automating the workflow and using our interactive invoice dashboard, you’ll know the billing and payment status of every invoice (often 3 or more invoices per office, per week). This will help you avoid late payment fees, or worse, having your accounts turned off for non-payment. Account theft and misuse?  PS/Ship will help eliminate this by (a) hiding account numbers from your users and automatically disabling access to your accounts as staff depart your employ, and (b) requiring a note on all non-billable shipments, holding users accountable for personal shipments.

Let me provide an example: One client with approximately 175 lawyers spread across 5 offices realized significant savings using our software suite. In 2020 they generated just over 9,300 shipments and processed over 400 shipping invoices. By using PS/Ship and PS/Invoice the firm increased cost recovery by $22,000 and reduced non-billable freight costs by over 10% saving another $11,000. And this doesn’t include the labor savings or other financial and operational benefits associated with the streamlined workflow. Rest assured, this firm wasn’t paying anything close to this amount for our software suite. The software truly paid for itself.

Alternatively, consider the following customer: A firm with over 500 attorneys operating across 18 offices.  In 2020 they generated just under 20,000 shipments and processed over 1,700 individual shipping invoices. With our help, the firm increased cost recovery by $47,000 and they reduced non-billable freight costs by another $17,000. Labor savings reduced mailroom headcount by one and freed up 50% of a finance staff person to do more important tasks. The overall savings exceeded $150,000 annually, not to mention a vastly improved workflow for everyone involved.

The numbers speak for themselves, and we’ll guarantee the results: PS/Ship will save you time and money, or don’t pay for the system. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how PS/Ship can start working for your organization right now – saving money and time, without costing your organization a penny in the process.

About PS/Ship: Since 2002, we have been working with large professional services firms, including over 66% of the Am Law 200, leading consulting firms as well as the Fortune 1000. In the process we’ve earned a Net Promoter Score of +96 placing us in a “world class” category for customer satisfaction and referrals. PS/Ship’s 98% customer retention rate over the past 18 years also speaks volumes with regards to the ongoing value and level of service we provide.

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