We make shipping easy.

We bring decades of shipping experience to the development of the tools your organization needs.

Our story began in 1982. As a group of technology consultants to professional services firms, we learned that technology was only effective when it worked for the user — not the other way around.

In 2000, PS/Ship was born in an effort to help our clients get a handle on their shipping costs. Over time, we realized that those costs involve more than just what you pay the carrier — they include the mind-numbing effort wasted in getting separate shipping systems to communicate with one other, and in accurately inputting carrier invoices into financial systems.

With each new release of PS/Ship, we seek to fulfill our mission of helping your employees get shipping right (without needing to become experts) and empowering your facilities and finance experts with tools that work for them.

Today, PS/Ship is trusted by some of the largest services organizations and corporations in the world to provide them with a comprehensive shipping management system. We build long-term relationships with our customers by demonstrating immediate cost savings and continuing to improve our platform every day.