Why Software-as-a-Service?

You Pay Less.

With no upfront implementation costs, no licensing to purchase, and no hardware to maintain, you only pay for PS|Ship when you use it.  Priced on a per package basis, our SaaS model is easily allocated.

Make Implementation Easy.

We host PS|Ship in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about: adding / maintaining servers, configuring PHP settings, or scheduling time to back up your data, ever.  And, along with not worrying, you're not paying for hardware maintenance or software upgrades, so you save time and money.

Always Have our Best Foot Forward.

When you choose SaaS we take care of all the upgrades.  Your IT team can focus on more important tasks while we ensure you are always on the latest (and best) PS|Ship release, with the latest features and most up to date technology.

SaaS Cloud Computing

Dramatically lower your "total cost of ownership."