PS|Receiver automates your inbound receiving and delivery process.

Efficient Package Check In.
PS|Receiver introduces ‘single-scan automation’ (patent pending) to your inbound receiving work flow.  PS|Receiver is the only inbound tracking solution capable of reading proprietary carrier 2D barcodes --- eliminating manual data entry by pulling all the data directly from the label.

Efficient Package Delivery.
PS|Receiver learns where your employees are (office location, building number, etc.) and directs your mailroom staff appropriately.  Capable of rerouting packages based on special events (termination, remote work, or out of office instructions), PS|Receiver can eliminate unnecessary delays with your inbound packages.

Designed primarily for inbound (UPS, FedEx) type packages, PS|Receiver has quickly learned to multi-task with added functionality allowing for the tracking of internal copy, fax, and in-house mail jobs as well.  With the addition of PS|Pouch, PS|Receiver is also ideal for tracking your intra-office deliveries.

Chain-of-Custody Risk Management.
In a time of increased scrutiny, PS|Receiver provides your firm the comfort of having an electronic record of all inbound activity.  Whether a client is claiming a package was sent, or a mailroom employee is certain it was delivered, you’ll have the full chain of events to determine the facts.


PS|Receiver opens up a window to your inbound receiving process.  From a high level, enterprise wide, view of all your offices’ activity, down to detailed ‘item level’ histories of each individual parcel, PS|Receiver lets your management team, and your employees know where shipments are in real time.

Still keeping a written log of inbound packages?  Is it fully searchable by keyword?  We didn’t think so.  PS|Receiver provides a full, electronic history of your inbound traffic.  From the time it hit your mailroom, all the way to who signed for it and at which desk, PS|Receiver can be used to trace a package from lost to found.

Robust Reporting.
Want to know how many packages are delivered within your agreed upon SLA?  Or, want to know how many packages arrive after 10:00am to see if you should change your employee scheduling?  PS|Receiver delivers cube reporting capable of analyzing your entire enterprise’s shipping activity and returning easy to understand results with the click of a button.

Industry Best Technology.
PS|Receiver pairs the best software with standard platforms to deliver the best inbound tracking solution on the market today.


PS|Receiver - A quick, printer-friendly, look at our industry leading inbound tracking solution.