PS|Pouch manages items traveling within an intra-office pouch.

PS|Pouch brings the ease-of-use and visibility of a national carrier to your intra-office delivery network, increasing usability and saving you time and money on each shipment added to a pouch.

PS|Pouch increases the credibility of your pouch network by providing full tracking, and email delivery notification, to your end users for items placed in pouch.  Without PS|Pouch end users are left with no visibility, a leading reason why your pouch network may be under-utilized (and not saving you money).
PS|Pouch enhances the visibility provided by PS|Reciever by including items like pouch manifests, and package "integrity" classification (was it damaged in transit?)  Each of your mailrooms will be able to see what is headed their way, and where it is to be delivered, increasing its ability to effectively schedule staffing and make timely deliveries.