PS|Invoice automates invoice reconciliation.

PS|Invoice automates the review and payment of shipping invoices by updating the format in which they are received, providing an efficient method to review / approve, and creating a properly formatted export for easy import into your billing system.

Increased Cost Recovery.
When used in conjunction with PS|Ship, PS|Invoice ensures that nearly 100% of shipping costs will be allocated and recovered appropriately.  And, those costs are recovered efficiently, with no manual reentry in the mailroom, and no reentry by accounts-payable clerks (and no time-consuming “research” either).

Share the Load.
If you’ve got multiple offices shipping packages, why do you have only one office reconciling invoices?  PS|Invoice allows each office to review its invoices locally.

Step-up Your Game.
No more paper invoices!  Shipping carriers provide enhanced billing formats to the largest companies around the world, with PS|Invoice, you can enjoy the same treatment.  Our format of choice is known as EDI x12.  By using a standardized invoicing format PS|Invoice creates one review process for all carriers/couriers.

Maintain Control.
Your central office will be able to monitor enterprise shipping activity as well as control critical steps such as the exporting of invoices for import into your billing system.

The PS|Invoice EDI Process

  • EDI Upload. The first step is to upload the EDI file into PS|Invoice.
  • EDI Parsing. PS/Invoice parses the EDI file and loads it into the PS|Ship™ database.
  • Invoice Review. PS|Ship™ summarizes the information in the EDI file and identifies categories of waybills for waybill review, including items without valid billing information.
  • Waybill Review. Users can review the waybill details and add or edit billing information using PS|Ship™ lookup tools. A simple tool parses the waybill reference line for possible one-click entry of valid billing information. And, during waybill review, the user can identify an item for credit or adjustment from the shipping vendor.
  • Export to Billing. Once the invoice and waybill review is complete, PS|Ship™ formats the data for easy import by your billing system.
  • Remit to vendor. PS|Ship™ creates a remittance EDI transaction to the vendor, which closes the EDI loop. The remittance EDI will contain any requests for credit or adjustment, automating that process as well.
  • Receipt and Lookup. Once PS|Ship™ has processed an electronic invoice, you can use that data to quickly generate receipts to back-up client billing. You can also lookup specific waybills if questions arise.


PS|Invoice - A quick, look at the benefits of PS|Invoice. (printer friendly)