At PS|Ship We Know Our Clients are Our Most Important Assets.

And, as a result, we take great care to ensure our products, and our people, deliver on 100% of the commitments we make. 

Our Client 'Demographics':

  • 36 of the top 50 legal firms in the country
  • 75% of the American Lawyer A-List
  • Over 50% of the AM Law 200
  • Firms with attorney counts starting at 35 and exceeding 4,000
  • 1 (one) of the Fortune 100 (have to start somewhere, right?)
  The Fortune 100

Do You Know Any of Our Existing Clients?

With over 50% of the AM Law 200 shipping with PS|Ship, there's a good chance you know someone that already uses PS|Ship every day to save time and money on shipping --- call them.  Ask them about their PS|Ship experience!

Whether you ask your peers, or create a post on a trusted list-serv, we're confident the responses you get will lead you to take a closer look at PS|Ship.

The AM Law 200

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