Cost Recovery Fees Clients are Willing to Pay

By Nick - January 5, 2015

While clients resist paying for things like phone and copy, items like overnight deliver and off-site work are exceptions says Robert Mattern in his recent article.  "Hard costs, for services from third parties, that are documented with physical invoices” are the key. 

This raises the question: are you maximizing the recovery of these fees?  With PS|Ship you will be.

With PS|Ship you can easily increase your recovery for overnight delivery, while reducing your internal costs.  We increase recovery on FedEX/UPS/Courier type charges, while simultaneously lowering the labor needed to reconcile these invoices, and optimizing the shipping services being used which saves everyone money.  And the fee for of our services can be included as a hard cost (with a documented physical invoice) along with the freight fees on a package by package basis.

We understand the purpose of automation:  to save time and money, while providing a better experience for everyone involved in the process.

Read Robert's full article, "Cost Recovery Breeds Client Frustration in New Survey"

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