Save time and money on shipping.

Software-as-a-Service Offerings

Our newest purchasing model offers an immediate return on investment by allowing you to make your investment as you ship.  With no capital costs, licensing to purchase, or hardware to maintain PS|Ship SaaS is the most cost effective way to benefit from our offerings.

And, for firms interested in passing fees on to clients, this service oriented, hard cost, offering makes fee allocation and detail simple and easy.

Behind-the-Firewall Solutions

Our legacy model has been serving close to 50% of the AM 200 for years, and in all cases firms have recovered their investment in a year or less.   And, to compliment our industry leading technology, we've worked tirelessly to develop the cleanest implementation experience possible.  From kick-off to sign-off (and beyond), we provide clear direction and unmatched customer support.

Representative Savings

Between 15% - 30% savings as a result of: increased cost recovery, reduced labor costs, and reduced transportation spend.  e.g., based on an $200,000.00 annual transportation spend, a firm could expect to save between $30,000.00 and $60,000.00 by implementing PS|Ship.