Save Time and Money on Shipping.

PS|Invoice automates the review / payment of shipping invoices by: updating the format in which they are received, providing an efficient method to review / approve, and creating a properly formatted export for easy import into your billing system.

Unite the Process.
PS|Invoice + PS|Ship is the only system that unifies the label creation and invoice reconciliation process, delivering the most comprehensive analysis of charges available.  Complete transaction details are available, pulled from the label, the invoice, and data feeds from the carriers.

Save Time. (and Labor!)
You’re only interested in shipments not properly allocated, right?  So why do you scan the entire invoice?  With PS|Invoice shipments properly allocated are automatically designated as such, leaving only the exceptions to be dealt with by your staff.

Quick Client Back Up.
Your clients aren’t always satisfied with single line summary entry details.  PS|Invoice includes a receipt generator to replace the existing practice of digging through paper invoices, redlining information, making copies, and mailing to the client.  Our receipt generator encompasses packages from all carriers, and can be generated by client, matter, date range, etc.  You set the criteria, click submit, and PS|Invoice generates a PDF ready to be emailed.