Benefits to the Mailroom

Streamlined Account Management.
With PS|Ship no special management of user accounts is needed as employees come and go - access to shipping is tied to the employee’s ability to authenticate and log in to the network.

Personalized histories of package progress, from creation to delivery, are available to all end users, meaning fewer "Where is my package?” calls to the mailroom.  The mailroom does have visibility to all packages though, so they can call and say “you created this package, did you want it to ship today?”

Complete Control.
Even though packages are created by end users, the mailroom has the option to edit labels on the fly, ensuring your expert knowledge of the shipping process is able to be utilized effectively.


Search, Search, Search.
PS|Ship maintains a complete history of all shipping activity and makes it readily available to your mailroom staff, and management.  Searchable by numerous criteria, your staff will be able to find information shipments long after the tracking number has been forgotten!  And, your management team will be able to better understand the habits of your end users, allowing for smarter shipping practices to be encouraged.

Real Time Rates & Services (with no updates required).
We’ve developed a robust integration with all the major carriers, and some local couriers, allowing us to retrieve your account information automatically, in real time, ensuring your end users always have up to date information, and your mailroom staff never has to worry about updating the shipping system.