About Us

Our Commitment to You.
Our clients are the foundation of our success. Your satisfaction with our products is our highest priority. As our client, we will listen to you, and we will be there for you through the completion the implementation of our system and beyond.

Our Vision.
We aspire to be the most respected and successful provider of shipping software to the professional service industry. Keeping abreast of new technologies and providing innovative solutions to our clients, we will maintain our reputation as the industry leader. When asked which third-party shipping solution provides the most value, we want people to say, "PS|Ship", without hesitation.

Company History.
Lynch Marks, LLC has been providing technology consulting services to Professional Service Firms since 1982. We’ve worked with a multitude of products and technologies as they grow and mature, always looking to fill a need where no good solution exists.

Glaringly absent amongst most Professional Services Firms, and especially within the legal industry, was a comprehensive means to easily produce shipping labels, track shipments, and then bill back associated charges to clients. Enter PS|Ship™, (“Professional Services”|Ship), the first end-to-end solution that integrates all the workflows associated with preparing, tracking, and billing shipments.

Because PS|Ship delivers a demonstrable ROI, and simplifies the entire process, our client base has grown to include nearly 50% of the American Lawyer top 200 firms in the country, over the course of a few short years.  This makes PS|Ship far and away the most widely deployed third party shipping solution within the legal segment of the Professional Services market.